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Looking for a new active allience


Hi all,
I recently picked up JW alive again after a winter break. Really like to see how the game had evolved with all the missions.
I’m in a allience now but there are only about 8 active players.
I’m level 16 and around 3600 trophies.
Looking for an friendly allience who get there exploration to level 5.
I have discord!

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RapturedRaptor has 1 spot.


Can you tell me about them?


Praguesaurus is looking for players to refresh playerbase a little bit to reach lvl 5 next time (we made lvl 4). We donate and chat in game.


I will have a look after work. Thank you


I’m also looking. Same criteria as poster. Want to help get 4 easy and push to 5. I get my dailies and avg 200 darts, 15 battles, 75% direct hits on a regular basis. Senoj #1480


I found a new alliance thanks Michigan Monsters :+1::sunglasses:

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You’re welcome @Nightfall. We just did some cleaning of inactive members so we a few spaces for active members.

You need to be on discord to join. Message me Steph #2626 if you want to join.


ItaliansDoItBetter has a few open spots after our purge of non active players so send some invites