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Looking for a new alliance 5600-5800 trophies

I am looking for a new alliance because now i am more casual and not hardcore player anymore.
I am from Belgium and a looking for a french alliance (but if not, english is OK too). I am playing every tournament, beat 10 dinos every day and do the main raids (Apex).
The alliance need to be active enough to do the raids with some good dinos. The alliance need to have discord too to organize the raids. I am not looking for the stronger alliance, but for a good atmosphere team that do the raids. I don’t care at the score at all.
Please send me a PM if you have the same vision as me.


Try Tyrant Predatorz G2

or message Peach​:peach::unicorn:#3950 on discord

Hmm… We have an alliance that could suit you… Contact our Leader Luigi#1483 on discord, to see if you would fit… We have 2-3 level 20 sancs, we expect you to follow rules(Not to put anything in those sancs, and to do your 10 kills every week)…

If you cannot do your 10 kills, then you have to tell us… We organize raids, and we have strats for them that work… We aren’t hardcore, we are casual, but we do expect atleast the 10 kills and no placing in the level 20 sancs.

Welcome back to the Forum!

We have a spot free at Goose Gang2. Our criteria is for our members to be active and do ten takedowns every Tournament. There is a Discord server shared with our big brother alliance Goose Gang run by @MINMI, offering a helpful community ready to assist in every raid.

Let me know on Discord (Fyurius#3620) in case you would like to join! ◉‿◉

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