Looking for a new alliance for my son and I

Dear all, my boy and I are hoping to join an alliance with high level sanctuaries. We are active players.

I’m level 10 with 2690 trophies. My in-game name is OpaeUla #2220.

My boy is at level 9 with 1359 trophies. His in-game name is Tigerex32 #3452.

Both of us donate generously and do raids. If you think we are suitable for your alliance, please let me know here and we will put in an application after the end of this week’s alliance missions.

Thank you!

Your levels are too low, and at this level its very likely that you wont have the required Dino’s to do 90% of the raids

Maybe you can try to join Dynasty…I’d say that alliance is ok for beginners.

Im not on it anymore but Shining Star is good for beginners