👀 Looking for a new alliance? If you are a tourney beastie or a daily player, check this out


DinoRexi here, interrupting your typical nerdy recruitment post. My dino buddies were recently looking for a new alliance to call home. Here is what we have to say.


:point_right: Learn more about the nerds tournament and raiding opportunities; message DinoL3o#5206 or GraeSkies#7481 on Discord.

Why join an alliance when you can join a community that raids , strategize, and earn higher rewards together. Become a nerd!

:fire: Now recruiting for: :fire:

:bow_and_arrow: Hunters: Dart 1500+ per day (a bit over 100 dinos a day), may not battle as much, but does towers and 10 takedowns for the tournament.

:dagger: Raiders: Must bring your dinos; we have the strategy, we have the team, and you have a non-carry dino. Bring your beasties, and we will bring the WIN.

:t_rex: Tournament Beasties: You earn 10.5k+ medals during a 4-week tournament and 12.8k+ during a 5-week tournament. If you are a tournament beast, you know what it takes to get those top rewards.

:egg: Newish & returning hunters: You are looking for additional mentorship and development assistance. We have an academy with seasoned vets ready to share strategy.