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Looking for a new alliance to join

hey all,

Looking for a new alliance to join with active members. Ive been playing a few months and love the strategy of the battles. Just hit the Aviary battle arena and always participate in the tournaments. Getting frustrated with seeing zero scores from other members yet them still asking for DNA help. My attitude is help me…help you. Anyone got any suggestions of alliances to join

Hello im from dino Tyme world, a very active alliance with friendly people. we have 2-3 lvl 20 sanctuary and 10/9 alliance mission. Please answer this message if you want join Dino Tyme World

I sent you a pm about our alliance.

Doc, let me know if you’ve found a spot

You can’t go wrong with HybridSquad per CharlieBlue’s post above :hugs: I’m not even a member, but leader of one of their sister alliances. We are part of the same sanc co-op with access to at least 3 level 20 sancs. They’re a great alliance to banter with and Raid with. They keep it fun while still being an elite and active group! Highly recommend them!


We will have space soon in TRex Primes.

Friendly alliance spread across the world. Tournament participation is required for minimum 10 takedowns.

We have a great alliance going. Send a request!

@DocMurphy have you found a new home yet?

Hey all. Thankyou for all the messages and help. I’ve managed to find a new home with Dino Tyme World. Thanks again for all the messages. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I hit my message limit on here. First time using the forums.