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Looking for a new alliance with smart battle strategy


I would like to join an alliance who plays with a smart battle strategy. Preferably a 5/5 team, but not required, as long as you play smart and takes pride in reaching as far as possible with the missions, regardless the rewards.

Not interested in DNA donations, I will shoot my own (no need to react, I know all the arguments why that is important, but I have no interest in reaching the end levels as fast as possible). The most fun for me is reaching the missions. Therefore I’m looking for an alliance that use the dna requests mostly for the benefit of the missions and to gain coins.

And if your alliance also knows a lot of tricks, then I would be very happy! (still looking for all the hidden rules in the game).

Preferably communication through FB or messenger. If not possible, I will consider alternatives.

I’m in a good 5/4 alliance right now, so there’s no rush.

I would love te hear from you!

P.S. Ievel 19. On the facebookpage of JWA Alive Alliances you find more information about my achievements

AncientDNA has a couple of places. We are a 4/4 alliance. We are a laid back bunch, who chat and donate. We have a discord and we all help each other.

Lots of us have been here since the start of the alliance,. We have just started organised sanctuaries.

We don’t have a bunch of rules, we just ask for daily battle incubators, and battles as required.

We are very international and converse in English

Pop me a DM if you like the sound of us. :blush: On discord I am eleri#7150