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Looking for a New Alliance

Hey guys, I’m looking to join a new alliance, doesn’t have to be amazing, but want one that is actually active, my current alliance has 41 members, yet we have only opened 25 daily incubators in 3 days!

I’m level 10, play everyday and happy to contribute where needed.

Welcome @ NoGutsNoGlory

Oh wow, yes that isn’t a vey active alliance. I am about to remove an inactive player. I can hold the spot for you if you like. We’re Michigan Monsters (international group).

I just took over as leader a few weeks ago so we still have some work to do but we are 40 active players and slowly but surely I’m weeding out the rest.

Let me know your name, so I can look out for you.

Awesome, thank you very much, sorry for the slow reply. My ign is CagedEnigma. I shall send a request once there is space

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Are you an experienced player? Have at least 3k trophies or Player level 13+? Tired of being the only person in your alliance contributing to Alliance Missions and DNA requests? Are you ultimately ready to hit Rank 5 every week and strategically work together with a FULLY ACTIVE alliance ? Please apply now to “Xtinct”. We need about 5 positions filled by today. Joining Discord chat is mandatory for this Alliance. This extremely helps with coordinating missions, making new alliance officers, news/updates, strike events, advice, etc… Its a great alliance to be part of if your active and up to a challenge. We offer rewards at times to top weekly/monthly players. If your a serious player and feel like this will fit your gameplay; Please feel free to contact me at ANYTIME or just apply to Xtinct. Only 5 spots available!!!