Looking for a new alliance!

Hey all. My name is Erica and I’ve been a member since they day of the games release! I’m a very active player, almost level 20, and donate to all I can help! I’m currently a member of an alliance that I’ve been in since alliances started, and I love the group but every week the effort goes down more and more frequently, and my name and only a few other names pop up repeatedly for alliance missions. A lot of the more active players have also left the alliance lately and I’m constantly discarding donation requests but max everyone who requests if available. I’m a dedicated player, I play everyday, and I’m looking too expand my horizons with an alliance that can match my effort! So, is anyone recruiting at the moment? Please let me know!

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Oh and trophy count is 3795, but I’m usually at 4000+

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Sic semper tyrannis can use you
Forrest is.my player name

Hi Erica, I’m recruiting for JWA Suriname. We are a 5/4 alliance and we will have 1 or 2 spots next week or maybe earlier.
We have quite some active players. We work together on missions, have rules such as not claiming missions rewards before next week’s L3 is completed, and participating when asked (if possible of course). Most of the time it’s about darts, i.e. completing the last task before levelling up and giving this priority. Furthermore: donate when you request and avoid double requests.
If you’re interested, give me a shout.
I am Waaigirl by the way, and the leader of the alliance.

as of monday i will also be looking for a new team i play daily

if you need a trophy count i range from 3200 to 3600

You are welcome in BoneRaptors

Join Monstrous Mesozoics, same story played since launch, small bit very active

You can consider “Lords of Jurassic world”

Those Guys alliance has 1 opening right now. You more than welcome to join.

Hey I was actually looking for your name on here! You were the one on my friends list that I talked too before right? Do you by chance maybe have two spots open?

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@Pirate, your gamer name is pirateY2k6 right?

My wife and I are also in search of a new alliance. She’s 15 and I’m 14. Our current alliance has dwindled.

Yes. Send request and I’ll make space for both of you.

Got room for two more?

Sorry guys were full atm. Replaced 4 members.

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We have room! Feel free to join us, very active