Looking for a new game to play

I was playing candy crush, and it’s a great game to be honest but it kinda boring now for me, does someone know other game with the similar gameplay? i want to play other game but couldnot find the simple game like it, and quite frankly i am not a good player to other games

you can try homeescape it’s similar to candy crush but with some new exploration and home creating stuff like that. my sis is playing now. and the gmae idea is not so bad actually

i cannot find the game in store. are you sure the name is correct

yes, i downloaded it myself. i got it in apknite, maybe the name is different with the name on other playstore

i think you should find the name as homescape not homeescape!

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you can play diamond digger saga. the gmaeplay is the same, but the figures are much cuter

The Homescape game is great tho. get it from apknite and there are many fun features in the game. Much like candy crush but extra features.

Homescapes is a really great game, just like RobinsonMar said. I have this installed on my phone in addition to Game of Thrones and Gold Factory from Microgaming. So, if you’re still interested in searching for new games, I can recommend you trying those I mentioned, or something from this list — https://www.gamespedition.com/pc-games/adventure-games/graphic-adventures/game-of-thrones/game-of-thrones-others/top-games-with-casino-bonuses. They can entertain you as well.