Looking for a new place to settle

Any decent alliances looking?

Level 20 player sitting around 5600-5800 usually and active, don’t mind using WhatsApp/messenger but don’t want to start on discord.

Active daily and looking for an organised English speaking alliance 10/10 missions and decent level sanctuaries…

Hi! We made a purge and 4 spots were open. We use both fb and discord, players can choose which one fits better. Currently we have 9/10 incubators and we don’t mix sanctuaries, 1 or 2 Dino per sanct. Also we already have around of 150.000 points in tournaments. You’re welcome if you like. Daily incubator and tournament 10 creatures are musts.
Here be dragons is our alliance name.

If you’re still looking try us at Breaking bad.

PM me on here if you’re interested

Thanks guys, new home now found