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Looking for a small Alliance server

I’m happy where my jwa account is in the app. I’m looking really for an Allaince server. An Alliance that don’t mind help from outsiders. I’m in jwa discird & Apex Boss strike. There are just 2 many members. I would keep after delete members to add others. I would rather help the same members. I come with a 2nd account. That 2 i’m happy with where it is & plus it has a issue with 0 tropies since the 2.9 update

Are you able to help with Apex raids? If so, my alliance server is always looking for helpers. XD

Still looking for an Alliance who are happy to have outsiders in their discord server. Need to be active around Uk times Mainly morning, afternoon & early evening

Team GB were looking for players

0 trophies due to update or ban??