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Looking for a **temporary** alliance

Hi! My name is Zacehius and I am in a unique position. To make a long story short, I took a brief hiatus from the game and I am returning a lot sooner than expected, however my alliance is full at the moment. With that being said, I am looking to join an alliance on a temporary basis. This tenure could last days, weeks, or months depending on various factors. If this stipulation is something you can look past, here is what I have to offer as a player:

  • Lvl 20 player with an average trophy range between 5400-5700. This average could be lower because I haven’t boosted my creatures since the update dropped.
  • Daily player who completes their daily missions and yearns towards 10/10 alliance rewards.
  • Avid tourney participant who completes their 10 takedowns and plays beyond these requirements.
  • Respects the boundaries of shared sanctuaries and doesn’t make unsolicited placements of dinosaurs.
  • Graciously donates DNA.
  • Willing to communicate in Discord or via other communication methods. I’m very laid back and love to have fun with this game!
  • Assist those in need of completing raids.
  • Aiding my alliance towards a shared goal of success.

Whether your alliance is established, casual, or “up and coming,” I hope these qualities can bring something useful to the table. The soonest I can join an alliance is next week or towards the end of the month (due to professional obligations at the moment). I want to have all of my ducks in a row before I return to the game, so that is why I am posting this so early. Thank you for your time! :smile:


hello our alliance and MyVeryWaitJurassic fes leader arme84 # 1337. if you want to be part of it. you are welcome.

  • Looking for battlers -
  • we always get 8/8 -
  • newbies and vets welcome

Alliance name - Attack Gen 2

Check out our alliance McrRaptors and see if you fancy joining us for a bit mate :slight_smile: