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Looking for a top alliance for a top player 🤗

My name is Erica Paige, day one player and dino enthusiast. I am trying to see what alliances are recruiting and here is a bit about myself before we get any further.
Level 20 VIP
CO-op sanc placer
Familiar with many many raids and lead many to victories.
Day 1 player, and my efforts and determination are a force too be reckoned with. I’ve been in a 10/10 alliance but as of lately there is a lot of drama that has been unfolding and I want a peaceful alliance without the drama. Here is some pics of what I have too offer. I promise you, I’m worth it, and I want in too a good alliance. Give me a chance, you’ll see How much of an addition I can be :slight_smile:

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Oh and that screenshot of my daily missions is the most recent I got, they’re is many times I’ve done over 1,000 direct hits and many more battles. I’m home all day taking care of my mother and son, and have more availability then most!

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Quarantine has really given people alot of free time to play, hasn’t it?


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Yup lol sure has

Don’t understand anything…

rules say something about not posting in-game names.

I don’t understand what you mean

Name and shame rules. OP didn’t call out any particular member though. But it probably is best to censor alliance mates and alliance name just in case :slight_smile:

don’t want to break the post but seems rules are quite uncertain depending on the post.

so to avoid derailing… good luck to the OP

Was there something I wasn’t supposed to post??

No your good. The rules are about personal details and I can’t see any there.

I did have old alliance name but deleted that pic, didn’t even think about it lol


I’m Djiente from United Nations.
We are looking for people that would like to join a top 100 Alliance and are very social!
We reach 10/10 weekly and 8 tourney.

If you are interested, add me on Discord: Djiente#3050

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Just not allowed to shame someone, if there is no negatives about any listed names I think it doesn’t apply.

But don’t take my word as law coz I’m not staff☺️

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Hi Erica, I have send you a PM, hope to hear from you soon! Although it is 11:20pm in the UK so I may not be able to reply to your response until I wake up now! :blush: