Looking for a tournament based alliance in a friendly team? Join DarkDomination!

DarkDomination is now recruiting active, dedicated players to join our friendly team. We are a well established team in a supportive environment with most members having 4000+ trophy count.

Entry requirement:
-Qualify for tournaments
-Daily players preferred
-Prefer use of discord for communication/raids

What we offer:
-Incubator 7-9 in alliance missions
-Teir 7-8 in tournament
-Active in raids daily and higher ranks will help the lower ranks to beat bosses.
-Working on joining a co-op for L20 sanctuaries (hopefully soon)

The rules:
-Do 10 kills in every tournament round for the 1000 bonus medals.
-Be polite and respectful at all times. Racism/discrimination/abuse will not be tolerated!
-Contribute to alliance missions and donate when able.
-No begging for DNA
-Only officers and above to invite ppl to alliance unless you ask admin first
-Not doing tournaments (1 warning) & 7 days inactive results in removal. (However, If u will be offline/unable to do tournament due to life events, just let us know and we won’t remove you.)

The main thing we truely insist on is doing tournaments. Be a team player and thrive with DarkDomination!

Contact us on Discord at DarkenedHorse #9228 or here on forum