Looking for a UK Alliance

I’m looking for a Uk Alliance that is active.
They need to be flexable with the Sanctuary & with Donations as i may not got what you need. Plus i may need the creature myself. I will help with what i don’t need.
They need to understand i don’t use Discord. I play on the game daily & willing to do the 10 Dino takedowns in Tournaments

Level 19
Team: 2 Uniques 5 Legendaries & 1 rare

Hi, I’m the leader of CasualNerds, we’re international but myself, the officers and many active members are UK or European based. We don’t have a discord, we do have an optional Telegram chat that some find useful for raids but there’s no obligation to join and we’ll try to talk through raid ideas on Alliance chat if needed.
We reached 10/8 on the alliance rewards last week which was amazing! We feel the game is more fun without a lot of rules and mandatory aspects, just focus on the parts you enjoy. We do encourage the tournament but apart from that we’re pretty laid back. No sanctuary rules, no guidelines on what DNA you’re allowed to request, it’s better to keep things simple :slight_smile:
Do let me know if you feel we’ll be a good fit, and best of luck with finding the right alliance for you x

I deleted my message because I saw you don’t use discord, but discord is required for my alliance, so it didn’t make sense leaving it up

You are welcome to join newraptors. We are an active international team with UK players. No discord required and flexible on sanctuaries.

I think the previous commenter deleted their own comment when they re-read your post and saw you didn’t use Discord, as it wasn’t relevant and they didn’t want to waste your time. These forums can be very confusing when using for the first time, but they weren’t deleting or flagging your post, just removing their own comment. This is a generally quite a friendly place :slight_smile:

Your group is in the United States & is full

There is no room in your alliance

More about us: Jwa uk
We’re a friendly bunch, the only requirement is that you complete the 10 takedowns on each weekend tourney… Our leader is @Colin_Goodman

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We’re an internationally based alliance (Predators Hunters) but myself (leader) and coleader and a few others are UK based.

We use Telegram to communicate to coordinate raids and work with linked alliances and others.

We are active in tournaments (10 takedown requirement) and working towards completing weekly missions. We’ve been making good progress since I took over as leader and we merged in some active players from another alliance. We’re generally hitting 10/8 10/9 in weeklies and looking to consistently hit 10/10. Tier 8 is the target for tourney but we appreciate that with advantage weeks the lower players (and us higher ones too!) can struggle to get above their entry points.

Most of the alliances I’ve seen use some form of external communication.

Drop me a line if you are interested but not to worry if you aren’t - hopefully you’ll find what you are looking for.

Do you mean the Game Chat ?. Last few post had no space when i looked. I have find a Alliance in the game. I’ll stay with them for the time being. I will know where to look in future & will let you know. Thanks for the offer

@anon6166239 if you are still looking, JWA UK has some spaces open. Sounds like you would fit in well with us.

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It even has UK in the name! You couldn’t go wrong with that :grin:

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