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Looking for a very active alliance

I recently came back to the game after taking some time off, I am a very active player and I try to cooperate in every aspect of the game.
I am looking for a well organized alliance with good level active players. Let me know if you have a spot foe me…/ :wink:
( Spanish is my first language but I can communicate in decent English.
This is my profile right now :

Hi there! Would like to welcome you in our active alliance…
Check my post if you are interested

Greetings i am one off the Co Leaders of the * RampagingBirds * JWA alliance and we too are looking for new players to fill gaps in our list of members, if you want to check us out give us a call or drop us a line.
Kind regards
JoeVolcano27 Co Leader
RampagingBirds JWA alliance :grinning: :money_mouth_face: :grinning:

You are most welcome in TrykOrTreat. Only a few rules but very organized. Right now 2 lvl 20 sanc and a third getting there. Pm if you have questions or anything else. Read more here:

Welcome back!!!

Please take care of him. He is a good member who can be trusted to contribute to your alliance missions.

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Thank you Dear arugono :hugs:

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Hi, send you dm