Looking for active 3000BP+ players to join my clan

Hi everyone. I’m trying to improve my clan by removing inactive members. My clan is mostly full but members join and just won’t participate after, so I would remove those if I could recruit active members with 3000BP+. Currently we are taking down 3 and sometimes 4 star alphas, it depends on how many members play at the time. Please write a message here or send an invite. My clan name is Daenerys clan which I’m also thinking to change for something else, suggestions welcome. Thank you!

I few players joined but only those under 3000BP, so I’m still looking for new members please. My team is 5000BP+ , and if few more active players would join we could be stronger. I really don’t want to abandon my clan and its members.

Sent you a message

Still looking for more active players.

Looking for 2 active members for my clan. dragon3_resized_20190721_102442777