Looking for active alliance (4/4 alliance+)


I am a lvl20 player, currently at ~4500 trophies (well, I’ve lost over 300 trophies…), and I am looking for a new alliance as my current one is unfortunately not making any progress and the people are just asking for donations but never return the favor. So I am looking for a new alliance with active members and people who donate. Preferably close to full and with many players in the European time zones.

I play actively and always complete my daily and contribute to alliance rewards. Plus I try to donate everything I can to help other members.

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Stray Dog, You May be interested in my Alliance - Pounce Global. It is an International Alliance with players from Netherlands, Great Britain, and other European countries. There is currently one open spot. We are currently easily making 4/4 in Mission Rewards.Please check us out.