Looking for active Alliance (lvl 18 soon to be 19 user)

joined an alliance by now

I’m a lvl 18 soon to be lvl 19 player on this game. I am usually between 4200 trophies but have reached over 4600 as well. I play on a daily basis, and am kinda tired of the alliance i’m part of. It feels like i’m only working to finish the alliance missions, and in return reaching high ranks for these are impossible. Potentially if i’m moving or finally find an active alliance, my friend who is a lvl 18 player would love to join too possibly (but she’s currently on vacation so her activity would be a bit less till she’s back).

I don’t mind joining a facebook group, etc but i’m not a fan of forced things such as, posting forms or this or that, keeps things simple is what I would prefer for communication, that said I don’t mind communication but just not to the extreme.

If you would like me to join then please tell me which ranks you gain for your alliance…

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CrunchCrew would like to have you! We are currently in the process of weeding out non players and adding active players. So many people have stopped playing this game recently.

We hit 4/4

thanks for the offer but I have joined an alliance by now!

Got room if you are interested

We have room for you both at YouBetJurassican. We usually hit Rank 5 or 4 Exploration (Rank 5/ Defense 4 this last week). We have an optional Discord for easier communication. We also helped make one of the first level 20 sanctuaries in game this past week with our allies at KillerRaptors :blush: Send me a message if you’re interested. We have 3 slots available, but I haven’t opened them all yet FYI.

messaged you :slight_smile:

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TJC2019 rank 4/3 could use more active palyers