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Looking for active alliance members


Hello fellow members. If anyone is interested, Trex4President is still looking for new active members, there are currently only two of us. You don’t have to play every single day, but participation in alliance missions is highly appreciated! If you have any dna requests, I’ll try to help wherever I can. So hope to see you soon!!


We have a small alliance too. If you don’t find more members, we would love to have you join us at DNAlliance. We welcome all and also try to help people out with DNA requests.


That’s another possibility! I’m just wondering if the other player could join as well, if (s)he wants to. Not that I know him/her, but I at least would want him/her to have to opportunity to find another alliance as well. How many members do you have? Oh and thanks for your proposal!!


We have 10 members and are trying to grow and yes, the other member is very welcome to join too! We like the alliance missions and try to support members with DNA, especially those just starting out.