Looking for active alliance soon! Long term player

Active and long time player here. I’ve been with my alliance for a good two years now and things are beginning to slow down pretty drastically and consistently. 4900+ trophy count, I regularly donate and battle in raids/tournament/pvp, and contribute heavily to weekly alliance incubators. Active on discord and would prefer some active members be as well for raid strategies. Please reach out, looking to switch soon.

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We don’t have discord. We instead have a FB group with posted strategies.

Hi there! If you’re interested in finding a new alliance hit me up on Discord (Mathew#7597) and we can talk, hope to hear from you!

Hi Islamav,

We are an active, friendly and growing alliance!! We are 8/9 on weeklies and 8/9 on tourneys, have lvl 20 sancs and a very healthy discord presence. You can read more about us here

You can connect with me on discord to discuss further lordofgamers2528#3067