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Looking for active alliance!

Been playing since release and looking for an active alliance.

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You can friend request me. We can make a spot at dinomite fight club. Check out our recruiting post in here and make sure it seems like a good fit for you

Also, just made a new alliance called “Holy Roman Empire” cuz I got frustrated with the inactivity in other alliances. You’re more than welcome to join!

Hey we can definitely open a spot for u too. 4/3 close to 4/4. No requirements for how much u play. We are a combination of 3 alliances and some random joiners. Name is Denizens of Froopyland.

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If your still looking we are 5/4 and looking for daily players to help us hit 5/5 in the future. We still have some players to boot for lack of contributions, so spaces available. ‘The Grown Ups’ is the alliance name. You must be willing to join discord though :slight_smile:

looking to join, im fairly new but i participate