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Looking for active alliance


I’m looking for an alliance where members are active in alliance missions and donate generously. Preferably close to full and with many players in the European time zones. I play actively and would contribute to alliance missions every day, and I always donate the maximum to requests if I have any DNA to spare. I’m at level 15 and have 3300–3500 trophies.


JP3 is the best one

Pretty active and has a couple of spaces left, send a request if interested or PM me with details so I can invite


Life Found A Way is a MetaHub affiliated alliance. We have a full, fun and generous clan and we recruit on Mondays. Unfortunately we don’t have any places available right now but if you’re interested send me a message in MetaHub’s discord (or here) and I can put you on the top of the list.


Long Live Monomimus currently has 2 spaces left. We have an amazing community as well as very active and generous members.


But monomimus is now dead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My alliance, Tyrant Lizard Kings, is always accepting active players. You are welcome to join us if you haven’t found a home yet!


Nosotros estamos en Estados Unidos pero somos activos somos pocos pero donamos ADN Y jugamos bastante TJC2019


I’m also considering a change as am greedy in terms of rewards and my current alliance although full appear not to be the most active!

I’m lvl 20, vip and sit between 4700-4900 usually! Active daily with all challenges completed early in the day and push for the clan challenges as much as poss…

Current cland are working through lvl 3 on each incubators but slowly!