Looking for active & fun players

IBRIS Raptor Squad is always looking for fun “active” players.

For weekly missions we achieve 8/9, with your help we can do better ;).

We also have an co-op lvl 20 sanctuary.

For Tournaments our goal is to reach Tier 9 (Gold), but without your help it mostly will be tier 8,. so we need you! :slight_smile:

The players we are looking for:

  • Doing 10 tournament kills
  • Help with weekly missions
  • You love to chat & help with raids (We use facebookmessenger).

We also have discord if you like to join there to for cash links etc.

Our preference goes to lvl 16+ players, but lower then that may contact me to see if its still a fit.

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Hey there,

Are you still looking for players? I’m level 14 (halfway to 15) and am active on a daily basis getting dailies all done, my end of tournaments, and just having with with the game.

Let me know!


Hi Jake! :slight_smile:

Yes we always looking for fun & active players to join.
Are you able to chat in fb messenger group? (we also have discord).

Yup! I can do either!

I’d love to join, I’m level 15 nearly 16 but with 4250 trophies and I’ve got that from 3500 from 2 months of hard playing and work


Sure, we can make room for you :).
Whats your ingame name?
Can you find us on FB so i can add you to the group?

My in-game name is AngorRot#6896

I really need a new alliance

Are you on Discord, I’m not on Facebook

Yes, we also have discord, but for communication & raid coordination we use fb messenger.
It’s no problem if u dont have fb, but not many members are really active on discord (including me) sadly.

Oh okay, it won’t be a problem?

I’ve put in a request in-game to join your alliance, hopefully I can join?:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi :),
Is you can find us on FB, i can ad you to the group and contact you there further :slight_smile:

I’m not on the messenger, is it possible to chat on here or just let me in in-game, I’ve requested to join

Discord is an option to ask for help in raids,. i have to get back on you for the code. I have no clue haha.

i am currently on vacation and i can’t open the game myself. But i let others know… If your in, let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks very much, I’m sorry to bother you when you are on vacation

I’ll let you know, thanks for telling me the others

No worries, just send the code when you can, btw I am now on 4500 trophies and in the Aviary!

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Your in :).
I got luckily in to do it lol.

Is our discord if it works???

No worries! :smile:

Thanks soooo much for letting me in, enjoy your holiday

It says the invite has expired, we can figure something out something soon hopefully

Even though i doubt ill be accepted, Im a level 11 player looking for an active longterm alliance i do everything in my power to support alliances Tournaments,missions and donating.

Hi :slight_smile: sorry for my late response (vacation & terrible connection here lol), we don’t really mind low level players, but we prefer people that can communicate and join our messenger,. idk if that is an option for you?