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Looking for active guild


i look for an active guild,iim tired of those guild with 370 request and no donnation.Please,at least,tell me one of them exist


Everyone is going to say theirs is.
Truth is, we’re mostly all looking for the same DNA, unless your alliance has a VERY diverse membership.
Most are all stuck in the bottleneck areas, with a few members that just started.
Mine is pretty decent at donating, but we’re all after the same things.
Good luck in your quest.


My alliance is small but we’re pretty active and those of us in the higher arenas are always helping the ones in the lower arenas. :slight_smile:
You could give us a try.



We aren’t anywhere near at capacity but if you’re looking for an alliance with a tightknit feel, good conversations and people always willing to help then look no further. Just PM me your info and I’ll send you a request tonight .


Actually, most everyone in my Alliance donates when we can. As long as we’re not using the DNA ourselves, you’ll get some donated to you. Heck, some people donate even IF they’re using it currently. I will say this, though. We don’t usually get our donations maxed out. We’re an international alliance, so that might have something to do with it. If you’re still looking, my alliance is called Chaos Kings. We’re full, but we have some inactive members currently. I’d need your player name to make sure I accept the right person. Also, everyone’s super nice and we have a very active alliance chat.