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Looking for active members for my alliance

I have just booted members who haven’t played for 6 months. Is there anyone who doesn’t have an alliance who can join my Alliance Virginia USA . If you want to join you need to be:
.willing to donate and request
. Willing to help others sanctuarys.
. Willing to help with the alliance missions

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Hi, I am german player and daily active. I’m around 3700 trophies und do at least 10 fights a day and many darts. Would love to join your alliance.
Ingame name: Schmijan

I think I may need the player ID. The game says I do

#1365 ist that the right number?

European players here. Me ~4700 and my brothers ~4000/3300 would like to join an active alliance. After 1.7 we are the last active players of our alliance and play everyday. There’s a fourth member active regularly, if you have room for all of us it would be awesome

I need player name and ID

One #8897. Can I invite the others as soon I can contact them? (lupo3guru #2672, BiggestExponent4 #8688, dre#8052)

Yep that’s fine
(Game make me need both player name and ID though)

I’m looking for an alliance that has active members my current alliance only gets to award levels 3 & 4 each week (to be clear that’s with the new level system where you can get all the way up to level 10!). Last week I got 1200 direct hits in one day just o reach level 3! I’m only at level 13 but I play everyday, every afternoon, and every nite lol are you still looking for active members?