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Looking for active members for our alliance

Hey, we are a small alliance looking for some more active members. JWA MISSOURI is the alliance, look is up and let’s grow together. Thanks

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We still have openings of you would like to join us. If you are a top 500 or so player you would be bored with us. We are looking for folks that want to grow. Players who play whenever you have time. You dont need to be from Missouri to join us. Thanks

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Bumping this, still have openings for members. We are a family guild, easy going. Looking for casual players. If you are a parent with young children, a player that works often with just a small time to play, or just looking for an alliance that is easy going with few rules, check us out. Thanks

Hi there, I am searching for an alliance for 4 accounts! Is this alliance active in the weekly alliance missions?

Hey guys! Just stopped in to say good luck with your guild. :slight_smile:

I live just outside of St. Louis myself. All this rain and cold lately has been a bummer lol.

Anyway, I hope things work out for yas! :wink:

Yes we are. Sorry for the late response. Check us out, we would love to have you join.

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Hello neighbor and thank you. I read the forums quite often but try to stay out the fray lol. On a side note, I read quite a few of your responses which I tend to agree with.

You know Missouri weather, cold one day hot the next. I have a feeling the summer will be brutal. Thanks again for the well wishes and we wish you and your alliance well too. : )

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I have seen some of your other comments on different alliance posts. How many spots do you have open? I may try to get the active members from my alliance to leave with us. That way we all have a better shot at rewards

I just kicked some inactives, currently we have 39 spots open. It does seem like a lot and it is. I’m trying to recruit whenever I can.

From what I saw we are expecting another maintenance here soon. But I will try to be on shortly after it’s over.

Looking for more members who want to join our growing alliance. We have some great players and are gung ho for hitting the better ranks. If you are a small alliance with a handful of active players and want to merge with us, we would love to have you. If you are a player just looking around, consider us. We are not a big alliance with 50 members, but we are a head strong alliance and as the numbers grow, so do the rewards. Thanks

We still have spots open for daily players. All ages welcome, families welcome, casual players welcome. JWA MISSOURI is an up and coming alliance with great members, check us out Thanks

Bumping this post. Still have spots open for any and all lvls. Everyone is welcome to join. Thanks

We would also consider a merge with another small alliance. The fact is the rewards are better attained when you have more members fighting for it.

Bumping this. A new week ahead and we could use some extra teamwork to hit higher goals. All are welcome regardless of lvl or team power. Thanks

Had a couple new energetic folks join. We are hitting goals faster than ever but we would love to have a bigger base of members. If you are looking for an alliance please consider us. No lvl requirement, families with kids are welcome. Casual or hardcore always accepted. We are a casual guild for the casual member.

Another couple members joined, we are filling up pretty good. We still have openings for any and all members. Check us out. JWA MISSOURI

We are up to 23 members now. It’s fun to see our alliance take off. We have folks that chat, folks that dont, folks that are daily, some are not. But we are all fighting for the highest reward we can achieve. Would love to add more folks. If you are looking for a home, check us out. Thank you