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Looking for Active Members for When Clans Comes Out

I saw someone else post a thing about clans already so I figured I might as well do the same. I am looking for people that are +/- 3000 BP. I also ask that you play at least once a day. I am working on trying to make this the number one clan in the game, so I really appreciate the help!

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I am at 2700 is it ok?

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It should be, by the time clans gets out you should be at or close to 3000.

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I’m 4000 and I play every day

Im at just over 4k.

I’m just over 4K as well. Would love to be part of it.

I’m at 4,000 + & I’m interested in joining your clan.

First team - 3200
Second team - 2500
Can I apply to join the clan?

@JoseCuest, @Skrill, @Skycomet24, @DukeTheGreat, and @Leinger you may all join! Hopefully I have enough room for everyone! :wink:

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Count me in. I’m over 4000 BP :blush:

You got it @yondaimeminato!

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I have 3000+ BP already will you accept me

If I don’t get into any I’ll make one and you’ll be in it! Ok?

Anyone who meets the requirements can join! The only thing that is going to restrict me is the amount of people that can join!

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Possible for me to join? Around 3,200 BP right now.

@cybertunnel of course!

  • Toothy
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I want to enter your clan. I have a current power of 4900

No problem @Ju_Skywalker! We will be happy to have you!

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Thank you my friend. On the other hand I am French and I am obliged to translate the messages I hope that it will not pose problems.

That’s fine, as long as we will be able to communicate with you, then you are welcome in the clan!