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Looking for Active Members for When Clans Comes Out

If you got space please, I’m quite active a few times a day. 5200+ for main team :slight_smile:

I’m 3500 BP

I have 3500 BP


    April 14

If I don’t get into any I’ll make one and you’ll be in it! Ok?

Sure thanks

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    April 13

I am at 2700 is it ok?

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I’m completely clueless on the post above this!? What does it mean??

Also looking for the clan, ~4,4k power :slight_smile:

I’m at 2.8 K

I’m at 2826

@Radnap, @Skrill_Raincutter, and @Drift you are all welcome!

You too @Londer!

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Would I be able to join my BP is 3573

Absolutely @ConsolePop!

Hi. I have 3.1k power. Please consider myself as a part of your clan. Tnx :wink:

3754 is it acceptable

Of course! Thanks again to all the new people who want to join!

I thank you i’ll do my best to get my team stronger before the update by the way do you know when it’ll be released ? Thanks again

I do not know when the update is actually coming out, but I suspect its soon, so that’s why I opened up clan recruitment things.

Thank you :+1:

can u add me im only 3344 BP but i play every day i like this game

@Darien of course you can join!

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Thank you bro :heart: