Looking for active members to join our alliance ..plus the annoyance of alliance jumpers..?

So I haven’t been on the forums in forever, so I am going to go ahead and assume I can post this thread here.
Looking for members for 'JWA DNA Research Team ’ we are looking for active members, and I must say I wish there was a way we could control people who join an alliance , then request DNA, get the weekly rewards and then jump ship. I guess it wouldn’t be practical to have new members on a 2 week lock down, because if you accidentally joined an alliance where no one participated then that would totally suck… I also wish that leaders could see when members joined to help with veteran status. Any thoughts on improvements for Ludia when it comes to alliances ?

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In addition to your post I’m wondering if people joining your alliance and leave immediately still get the rewards if they don’t join another alliance for that week. I know it used to be like this but the amount of people doing this (joining and leaving right after they’ve been accepted) has dropped dramatically… ?