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Looking for active players to help grow our alliance!


Recently had to start a new alliance due to many inactives (including the leader) from our old one. We are welcoming all players to join and help us grow! Doesn’t matter your trophy count, as long as you’re active, help with the missions, and donate a bit here and there. We got a great group of people and I personally am a friendly guy who always wants to help & encourage other members to share ideas within the alliance chat. Currently at 15 members, so it would be awesome if we can make that number grow! Feel free to send a friend request to me as well.

Alliance Name - JPGang
In game name & number - RudieT #9377

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Hi Rudie, our alliance is in a similar situation. Can I ask how long you guys waited on your leader before you broke away? We’re trying to be patient, because you know, life happens. But I can tell some active members are starting to get antsy.

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The leader was probably inactive for a good 2-3 weeks. We noticed only about 20 of us were active & there were 48 people in the alliance but we couldn’t do anything about the other 25+ inactives due to the leader not communicating or merely being on. So I suggested about early last week to everyone if they wanted to start a new alliance and most were on board with it. We made the new alliance last night and for the most part everyone who was active on the old one came to the new one. I’d say just see what the majority of your alliance wants to do and go from there.


Update: We have more than doubled since Monday. Currently at 33 active players. Feel free to help fill the remaining spots we have open!