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Looking for active players

Are you looking for an alliance
Portugal dinos is looking for active players
We have 30 active players but looking for more
Alliance name Portugal dinos
Send request if interested

Why are there so many alliances now?
The alliance thing is over, and anyone that didn’t make an alliance the second they made that update wasnt successful.

We should have more alliance challenges next week, or not?


We just had an update that made alliances more than just sharing DNA … makes sense for alliances to fill up and more to be created now.

A potential 1000 Weekly epic* DNA is a hell of a motivator (not even including the rares/commons)
Good luck @Miguel_Nobrega!

*even if it is concavenater :confused:

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I liked a lot the challenges from alliance this week
We reach incubator 3
We need more active players to reach top incubators
I have cleared the 20 inactive players today and that’s why I’m looking for active players
Any dna is always good
Probably we don’t need it now,but we will need it in the future