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Looking for active PvE focused players

You saw that right. Want a friendly atmosphere in which darting your favorite dino’s, sharing DNA and having a chat with fellow paleontologists are the only things you’ll have to worry about? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This is a startup alliance so I ask for your patience as we grow
Main values:
-No mandatory takedowns or PvP participation. -Ever-
-English in chat
-Be respectful
-Milk, cookies and a few XXL bags of kibble for your critters included in the membership

Send me a message with your gamertag if you’re interested.



I wish you luck on this bit the rewards you’re going to miss may be a lot to ask people to not see. In any case, maybe you’ll start a revolution

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Don’t need a revolution. Just 48 more like-minded people :sweat_smile:. Not sure there are any to be found on the forum but there’s sadly no way to advertise in-game. Will see how it goes. Also fine with going solo for a while.

I just hit lvl 5!!! WooHoo… obviously I’m new to the game. I too would like to have a few people on the alliance list that I maybe could Invite to a raid occasionally… I’m hoping that can be done without having all raid members be physically nearby… I don’t intend to get that serious about the game, and I have limited time to play.

I’m willing to give it a try…


FYI… it’s just a username… I’m now a truck driver, no longer a cable tech… lol

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Sent you an invite. There’s just 2 of us in there at the moment but we’re always willing to help out with raids when we’re free. We’ve been playing for a while and should be able to do raids up to unique level when we get a few extra members. Request any dino you like. I’ll personally be requesting commons until we get filled up.