Looking for active, social & mature alliances

Hi all,

My (user)name is Jack, and I am the ex co-leader of Beyond Water Curtain (alliance in the 650± rank). I am currently looking for an active, mature & social alliance that has room for 2-3 active players, who are kind, insightful, contribute to the alliance whether through tournaments, donations, or sharing strategies.

  • We all have discord
  • our trophies range from 3915 - 5004

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So its just you or you will bring anoter people ?

I may be with 3, two for sure.

Please contact forsaken468#0791 on discord. Thank you

You’re welcome to The Best Alliance!

We’re really a friendly environment, players from all the world and with a huge range of levels (from newbies to high level players with 5200+ trophies).

We do raids every week. We also have beaten ALL the Apexes.

Come with us!

Hi @Ozora_Nadhif & @Rag.Narok,

Thank you for reaching out so quickly, I’ll inquire through Discord first to find out if we are going to be a match and what the expectations are from your side :). Is this an idea for both? @Rag.Narok, are you able to share your Discord? You can reach out to me on Discord if you are not comfortable with sharing your tag on this forum: UX Shinobi#9271

Kind regards,


@Ktun my alliance has space for exactly 3 more members

If you join on the server we can chat there about more details about the alliance

Hi @Daylan_Maharaj, I have just accepted your invitation. I wonder who I can contact for the chat. @Ozora_Nadhif, I have added you on Discord.

Hello. So nice to meet you~ You could always check out our ad

Hi @StinkyPanda, it’s nice to meet you too! Great ad, you are very creative with those text emoji’s.

I have an alliance that might interest you. Please PM me if interested.

Thank you for reaching out @MINMI :slight_smile:.

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I want to thank all the players who took their time to reply on this thread. At the moment, I have come to a mutual agreement with the two other players to rebuild our old alliance. So for the time being, I won’t be eligible to join anymore. If anything happens in the near future, I’ll try to reach out to you guys again. The moderators can close this thread, to save the players time.

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Closed at OP’s request