Looking for active team players

Looking for daily active players with >lv15 or trophy >4000.
Must be communicative and can share the excitement of supporting each other.

Alliance name: “Kiliing for Sport” (three ‘i’s instead of ‘L’ in ‘kiliing’).

Weekly missions 8-9.
Alliance tournament incubator is tier8 or 9 (depends on how many weeks we have for the month).
2-3 lv20 sanctuaries.
We have enough skilled members to do ALL raids in house and many are willing to do raids multiple times to help others.

We do not like free riders and we are only interested in daily-active, friendly, team players, those who can enjoy the game together.

Please reply to me here or DM me on discord ( tomo#9042 )
I hope we can aim higher and better together.
Best, tomo

Hi, im interested in joining.

I’m active daily, also open to helping with all raids multiple times.
I’m level 20 and my current trophy lvl is 4954.

Discord is ryunine#1551

Hey Ryunine can u add me on discord ehcare#2295 we have some spot in our family, we will happy to have you in our family.

Owen, Ryunine is already with us. Please don’t try to divert his request to your team. Not nice.

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