Looking for advice


Not sure if you guys care out what not but I’m wondering if I’m doing ok. I don’t have much time to play usually but yet my best.
Also just started to get my butt whooped in battles around 2400.
This is my team as of now. Been just trying to get as many Dino’s as I can instead of everything i see which I’m gonna start doing more often.

Do you find more legendaries and what not the higher level you get?
But so also why am I getting so much irritator DNA? It’s super irritating…!


Really need to start building that Stegoceratops as soon as you get a chance also I would replace your Secondosaurus (sp?) with your Amarga or a different tank type as you don’t seem to have any. You seem to be going for straight kills but you don’t have any type of survivability.


A decent team for your level! Work on hybrids now!

You never find legendary only create them! Once in a while they are in park events but you get one shot only!


Avoid the level up trap! Don’t waste time leveling up dinosaurs that can’t be a hybrid unless you really like them! Coins are a valuable commodity so save them for creating and leveling hybrids


You need irritator for pyrirritaror. Cherish it :heart_eyes:


And he will be waiting forever for that… As if pyro is not hard enough to get him to level 20 and then to grind in arena 5 and 8, I think where you can only get irritator… :slight_smile:


It’s level 15 you need to get him to. Time wasn’t built in a day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It;s a good start:

  1. Don’t waste any more DNA on Tricero = Need to save his DNA and combine that with Stego.
  2. Get Rexi and Veloci to level 15 and then fuse them to get Indominos,
  3. Pyro is good and fast at 129 speed, if you want to build him thats fine, but if you can’t take him out as you climb the ranks.
  4. Quranasuars is pretty good if you can build him up, it’s decent. If you can’t then may need to change him.

The rest of you squad if you can build them up but concentrate on legendary or unique dinos. You need some tanks in your team, cause with stronger teams, you could struggle.

This is just my opinion btw, no right or wrong in the game!


Neither was Rome… But I can certainly see your point! I’m just not a very patient person… :stuck_out_tongue:


Paha… of course I meant Rome


But right rolybert I don’t waste time on that. I get them to where they can start creating and that’s about it. I just don’t know what Dino can be stronger and worth anything at a higher level. Been facing a lot of lvl13-15 stegs and not sure what to do. I mean he has more then 1 evolve but these people are like the same level as me and have such better stuff. I don’t pay to play so maybe that’s it


But Heather yea I’d love for that to work but as of now I don’t see any good Dino’s. I try to play as much as possible, gave up for a hundredth time on pgo so this is all I do on my free time haha. Epics are just so hard to find. Got lucky the last week on getting 4 and now just got another 2 today but my luck don’t last very long haha


I just got steg to 10 and a little so gonna create with them. T-Rex is a dime a dozen, that’s a slow go. Well they all are.
I never see pyro, but just got qurana along with second and the other epic I’m not using.
Trial runs sorta, seem to work for 2300 area but as soon as I get close to 2500 I get a rude awakening lol
Just got 2 more epics and in need of less then 10 DNA for another 8ish. So close yet no cigar… I hate it haha
I’ll post another pic of what I got. Really really appreciate the help everyone!


But oops I mean irritator gen2… I don’t get why it’s what you get for arena 5. What’s that about. I better stuff for lower arena’s :unamused:


Suchotator then :heart_eyes: he’s great as well


Suchotator is actually a VERY good dinosaur now. You could see a lot of benefit by using your irritator DNA to make him.