Looking for Alliance again

I been playing jwa seens march 2020 and trying to find an Alliance where all player can do Raids. Right now I dont stand a chance to try, learn and grow as a player. Love my Allince and everyone is very nice. But i need to do Raids it starts to get really off not to be able to do so.
I want an Alliance there everyone helpsnout whit missions, request and so on.
For me right now get to many discharge on my request, im not on prio list so even if we have same requests im the one whitour dna.

Not much to ask for i think. Miggy

what level are you and do you play in tournaments ?

The same problem happens in many Alliances. They will drop you off their radar for the good raids and will invite you for the farming for Incubs raids purposes.

Happens if you are new to the Alliance. They’ll only invite their friends in the Alliance (those senior members). I’m going through the same experience at least in the past 2 Alliances that I was in and am in currently (despite having most of the required creatures at L30). Needless to say that I’ve been online at the time when those invites were sent…

Very frustrating yes. Especially when the so called “success stories” are shared in the group’s Discord server. Hence, so much of a “work as a team” thingy. But the true fact is that we have to work equally hard to meet the Alliances’ requirements, but did not get what we’re looking for…

Hello @Miggy. I have an alliance you might like. Contact me via discord for more info, MINMI#4136

my alliance helps everyone with every raid!!! we work hard to make sure everyone gets all of them every day!!! all we ask is for everyone to be active and contribute to the weekly incubators and tournaments each weekend. we are a 9/10 alliance and have 2 spots open for active daily players. discord is required for raids. this is our discord guest channel: https://discord.gg/3DzdqSX8DE
hop in if you are interested in joining our alliance :slight_smile:

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But then it might be better to stay? I just feel so useless, but i have very hard demands on myself.

RaptorRedemption raids apex with an apex team. But if you’re willing to invest in a good apex creature you can join that team and we’ll raid apex as often as needed for all on the apex team to get their dna. All other raids we assist in or set up. We have successful raid strategies for every raid including apex. You do need to join our discord to be able to see them and communicate as well as see the invitations.

We also battle tournament. If qualified at least 10 takedowns mostly more.

We’re currently not so active in PvP though (until last week made 8/10 weekly) but hopefully that will get solved soon :wink: pm me if interested

Hi Miggy,

Don’t feel useless. Cause you’re not. I would strongly recommend you to add as many friends as possible (in game). Normally, I got invited for raids from someone outside of my own Alliance. That’s the best chance for you to do/complete most raids.

Besides, do not simply donate hard earned DNAs to everyone. Unless it is to someone that you know will give something back in return. There are many ‘leeches’ in Alliances. These players normally will just logged in to the game, request for DNAs and logged out.

Focus on building strong Raid, Arenas, and Tournament teams. Slowly but surely you’ll have strong teams at your disposal.


I agree whole heartedly with that advice.

Still, if you are active and want a helpful alliance in this department, feel free to join us at Badrexi.

We spend time trying to help others get there raids in and coordinate on discord, especially after some of the seasoned members have gotten their rewards already.

We’ll go back and try to find a strategy that works with the tools that the not so seasoned members have on hand.

We DO coordinate on discord though, as it’s easier to have a plan beforehand.

Regardless of your decision, definitely follow the above advice. It’ll take a little time, but you’ll eventually create raid Dino’s. Hopefully ones that you suit dual purpose.

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