Looking for Alliance, average player ๐Ÿ˜€

Returning player here, based in the UK. Currently Level 15 with 2974 currently in PVP, highest was 3238.

Can & Have funded it, but I wonโ€™t throw Hundreds of ยฃ at the game.

Looking to go hunting to upgrade a bit too!

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JWA Global

The usual level requirement is not currently enforced. All we ask is to play the 10 takedowns and be active.

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Still looking for an alliance? If so, Coolboys Inc are looking for two more members.

What we offer:

  • Rank 9 tournaments (5 week)
  • Rank 8-10 weekly missions
  • 3 level sanctuaries (part of a co-op)
  • coordinated raids and Discord

What we ask:

  • actively playing (completing daily missions and daily battle incubators)
  • follow sanctuary rules
  • complete all tournament takedowns

If youโ€™re interested, feel free to drop into our discord and have a chat!