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Looking for alliance, I guess

I’m a late game player with few maxed uniques and 1 apex. Really just looking for a friendly nice alliance,
if need discord, it’s Winter Bird#2299. was sorta inactive but came back but not as much, my biggest usefulness is helping with raids and tournaments.

Added you on discord

Added you as friend in discord

Hi! We have a pretty chill alliance with 8/9 rewards in tournament and 8/8 minimum in weeklies. We just ask for 10 kills and to be active. We don’t do Discord. But, we have an optional Telegram chat to coordinate raids. I’ll leave the flyer. Let me know if you’re interested

Im in a discord server with 150 members that focuses on raids and has it’s own alliances. The main alliance is full but you can join the secondary one.

Contact Jurricane#9538 for more info

We have a few spots open for qualifying players! Visit our recruitment server to apply.