Looking for alliance lvl 20 arena 5200

I am lvl 20 an looking for an alliance . I do all the daily requirements and participate in all events

This is game press discord server, it’s used by thousands of players and you will be able to get help for an alliance on their.

If not used discord before, it’s a gaming server used by millions around the world. It’s all private as well, you don’t share your info with people like fb

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@Schtemty as well could possibly help ?

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Suggestion: You may want to say where you’re from. Some alliances are looking for particular things, language, time zone, country, etc… Though I’m sure you’ll get swept away quickly!

Hi Monty!

Please have a look at the fantastic TrykorTreat alliance. Please join our recruitment discord and ask questions there. An officer will answer all your questions.

Anything specific that you are looking for from an alliance?