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Looking for alliance - RageBringer

I am looking for an alliance.

I prefer an 8/9 or greater, with good sanctuaries. I am LV 20 4800ish.

I do my dailies and then some, typically play around 3 hours a day. I don’t mind doing tournaments.

Discord is fine.

I do not prefer rude controlling people or passive aggressive people though…just happy people that contribute and make sweet dinos. Ranting is fine…love me a good rant.

Hello. we get to 8/7-8 some of our members don’t play and we always look for members who help to grow the team. if sek interested the alliance and MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337

I would rather the whole alliance be active and the leader be active in removing non active members. But, searching that alliance name is not showing anything.

I’m just making a selection elimknando who plays! if you look for me with the code you also find the alliance

otherwise give me your nick and code and I’ll search for you

seems like you’re our long lost member we didn’t know we have. we’re an 7/8 alliance, but if we’re reunited with you again, we will easily do even better - search for Shiny, we miss you! :wink:

edit: to add a little more information about us: beating at least 10 dinos in the weekly tournaments and doing pvp battles daily is mandatory. inactive players are removed every other day.
I liked how you described yourself, so I would be really happy if you join us. :slight_smile:

I’m also on discord if you have any further questions, contact qannp#3702

If you haven’t joined to anywhere yet, I’d like to reccomend you my alliance too, SFT Squad. We are a few days old, and we are very few (all of us left our alliances because of inactive members and leaders.

I think that you find the balance between happy people and activeness you seek, and I can guarantee, I will remove inactive players, because that’s why I left my old alliance and started my own.

Team Invincibles just had a minor clear out, so we have 3 slots available.
10/10 for the longest time (even this week), top 50 alliance, active in discord for tournament and raids discussions, shares 3 Lvl 20 sanctuaries. Buzz me on discord Dinohunter#7424

Thank you to everyone. I did join Breaking Bad. Prior to making this post I replied to @Schtemty as they were a 8/9 alliance and he is on the forum a lot. I was unsure if they were still looking and I wanted to get into an alliance with LV20 sancs. Breaking Bad replied and I have joined up with them.

Again, thank everyone for your consideration. May your darts be precise, and your dinos twice as nice!

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