Looking for alliance without weekly tournaments

Hi !
So I have been playing JWA for a while now (soon 2 years)… I like the game, but lately I haven’t had much time to play, and doing weekly tourny is making me hate the game. So I would like to join alliance where there are no weekly tournament… Just a place where I can trade with my fellow players and where I can get DNA out of shared sanctuary(ies).
Take care,

Unfortunately all alliances will most probably want you to do at least the 10 takedowns In tournaments .

Doesn’t take long to do and the rewards depending on where the alliance gets are pretty handy .

You can join ours. Only requirement is to be active. As long as you don’t go more than 7-10 days withput logging on you’re good. Dinocrew84

My dude. You can join mine.
I have literally no requirements.
It’s only me right now, and I’d intended to keep it that way…kinda a lone-wolf.
But you’re welcome if you’d like.
Just don’t expect crazy tier rewards, since it IS only me lol.
That goes for anyone reading this, as well.
Wanna go afk for a month? Fine by me.
Hardcore? Fine by me.
No weekend takedowns? Fine by me.
No discord? No… no discord :joy:
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