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Looking for Alliance!

Active player looking for active alliance.

What’s your trophy count/level? It could help prospective alliances figure out where you’d fit.

5022 with new season. Level 20.

Come to Meanwhile in Mesozoic. We are looking for active members to replace a few who have dropped off in their activity.

Thanks Cipherlad , going to apply now. In game name is Campion.

do you have any scaphonagthus or irritator. cause thats what I need.

maybe I will.

Here Be Dragons is looking for active members, active alliance with 2 open spots this season. Min lvl 10

Still looking for a new alliance cuz if u are u could join my alliance which is in rank 150 on the leaderboards of the tournaments, we have 2 lv 20 sanctuaries so yea we are recruiting add me on discord MegalodonGamer#6965 if u have it cuz u need it and u need to be lv 14 or higher

same! what is your alliance!

I want a team that helps me get DNA,chats with me, has a lot of sanctuarys.