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Looking for Alliance


I have my own small alliance, but I see that I need to join active alliance. I’m active player from L3, currently bouncing around 4400-4600 trophies. My ingame nickname is Dinotris.


You can join the Land Down Under, I can send you an invite if you give me the number with your username


Sent you pm.


Invite sent


You can join our alliance called “Lords of Jurassic world” it’s an international alliances with lots of active players. If you’re interested then message me


Im also looking for a new Alliance (a place where ppl actually donate sometimes :smile:)
Im a F2P lvl 11 @ 2800


Would you donate or only expecting others to donate?


Tiny Arms of the Rex is a good alliance :wink:


Of course … thats what alliance are for, right?
You give some, you get some.
Sometimes big, sometimes small.


Alright well it’s better to ask you know. You can send request to our alliance and let me know your username if you are interested