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Looking for an aactive alliance

Hello! Im new to this game ( ive been playing like a week and a half) . Im level 10, VIP user. I need an active alliance since in my alliance there are only like 2 or 3 guys active. Ill put some screenshots of my roster. Thanks!

You can join ours!

Add me on discord to join Jurricane #9538

Sent you a private message

Prehistoric wolf pack uk
Are a 10/10 alliance in missions
Three level 20 sancs
Rank 8/9 in championship

We don’t care what level you are as long as you follow our basic rules as we like to help people build up.

You are pretty low for our alliance but if you are just active we are happy to help you out

Hunting Season has an opening no requirements and we are active.

Your welcome to join beta raptors. We need members.