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Looking for an Active 5/4 alliance with good donations


I am sick of bad alliances with bad donations so if you are a good alliance then invite me
has to be 5/4 or better with good donations

Ingane: Sparkrazor #0318

What’s your trophies count and are you a team player?

Do you reciprocate, play daily and do all the things?

I only ask because we all want an alliance that does what you asked, but very few players do what I asked. .

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Good donations? You want an alliance that gives you 500 irritator or something? Keep dreaming.
Please be more specific, because now you’re basically just asking for people to give you stuff.


I need members who are doing at least 500darts a day, 150 supply drops and 50 battles…
If you can confirm this I will consider…oh yes discord is a requirement