Looking for an active alliance that participate tournament oftenly

Hi I’m a level 10 player, I’m looking for an active alliance that contribute tournament oftenly, because the current alliance that I joined there were only 20 members out of 50 members that participate the tournament which includes me and I’m kind of dissapointed because in the alliance that I currently joint some of the high level players didnt want to participate tournament. Please reccomend what alliance that participate tournament oftenly!

Just for Info I am an active player.


Hello @The_GamingRaptor do you still looking for an alliance ?

I have an alliance if your still searching @The_GamingRaptor

PM me if interested.

@The_GamingRaptor "I squared R Dinos"is an alliance that is on par for teir 8 in tournament and achieves 10/9 or 10/8 weekly, we also have a sanc co op, we would love to have you

Message me on discord at Daylan2003#1265 pls

I’m interested.

what is your alliance name

It is JWA Paleontology. We have some high level Sanctuary’s, Wonderful rewards, however most importantly a active/passionate community.

You can join when ever you want :smiley:

Hello, if you havent join another alliance, Dino tyme world still have some spaces, we are a friendly alliance with 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries, 10/10 weekly mission reward, T 8-9 in alliance Championship, and always help in raid. We use discord or messanger to communication. I just realize that you are a YouTuber, i love watching your video, especially the JWA one.

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