Looking For An Active Alliance to Join

Hi guys.

I’m looking to join a new Alliance, as the one I’m with now seems to have died.
It seems like our leader is no longer active, so we have no way to replenish lost members.
Plus, nobody donates DNA anymore (I have 5 requests live at the moment - none of them have had any DNA given).

I don’t need to join a crazy high tier alliance, just one where the members actually use it.

I’m Level 20 and always hit the daily goal targets.

So if anyone has space, let me know.


CrunchCrew needs 1 more. We are in the process of filtering out non actives with active players. Currently at rank 4 and 3

There is room in our “House of hunters”. Lots of communication, its a daily active alliance. Most important rule: Donate to all requests during your own request. We all helping each other big time this way. So feel free to join!

Thanks for all the responses, PMs and offers folks.

I got sorted - thanks!

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