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Looking for an active alliance


Hi there,

2 weeks ago I started playing this game again with my boyfriend (I quit a while ago after my game kept generating errors)

We’re looking for an alliance that’s active, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if it communicates in another way than the chat. We’re level 8 & 9, and active collectors and battlers. I’m motivated to get a high rank in Alliance Missions!

If you want 2 enthusiastic new members, please tell me a bit about your alliance (we’re not that picky, I just want to know what we’re getting into!)

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Dragon Warriors. Excellent at donating and friendly battles, probably have all the DNA you need and more. Only drawback is we don’t hit rank 5 on the incubators since about half of our players are pretty inactive. We’re all very respectful. I’ll talk to my leader about opening a couple of spots. If you’re interested add me as a friend: bates5919, #5590. Have your bf do the same.


We are the RampagingBirds. If you are interested on helping a brand new alliance that aims for the top, we will gladly take you.
We are still growing as community but we started with one objective: being an alliance of active, supporting, dinosaur enthusiasts.

If you want to be part of our alliance with that goal in mind. You are very welcome!
Have a nice time!