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Looking for an active alliance!

In my current alliance, nobody donated… so Im looking for a new and active one, with good players. And of course people who donate! I will also donate!
So if you have a alliance that fits these criterias, please accept me!

Hello Adam_Flodin, I am the leader of an active alliance we are by no means elite, but a friendly helpful group, if you would like to join us search for RoseBerryRaptors, just let me know your username first as we only have two spaces left, best regards, Drewidian.

Thanks! My name is DaBestAdoom! I will join you!

Seems like a great alliance! Sorry if I ask a lot for velociraptor, but Im really close to getting my Third unique: Indoraptor!

That is the most asked for, and we give what we can, just don’t be upset if some times you don’t get much we are all doing the same :wink::joy: